Hey Solo Sister | The Importance of Kinship and Friendship
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The Importance of Kinship and Friendship

A Mother’s Love: Joanna

Joanna was still a teenager when she got pregnant. Still schooling then, Joanna was in no position to start raising a child. But Joanna was fortunate. She was blessed with an understanding mother and a seasoned caregiver. And her mother’s support for her was what made up Joanna’s mind to keep her son. Where Joanna lacked the instincts of a mother, her own mother stepped in to fill the gap. Where Joanna struggled with the technicalities of child-rearing, her mother was always there with Googled answers and the relevant paper work.


But beyond just providing her with physical help, her mother was her listening ear, her shoulder to lean on, her hand to hold on to. Without her mother, Joanna wouldn’t be where she is today.

Good Company: Yan Ping

Yan Ping sometimes jokingly tells her friends that she’ll see them in 5 years. “There’s no time,” she says. Yet, Yan Ping recognises that she is surrounded by good people. They invite her out, coaxing her to bring her children along so that she needn’t worry about a baby-sitter. They warmly welcome the inclusion of her two small children on their grown-up outings. Her friends’ patience has enable Yan Ping to experience life like it used to be. And whenever there’s a crisis, she knows she can turn to her friends to watch her children while she fights her own fires. With trusty people to rely on, motherhood for Yan Ping has become somewhat easier than it would’ve otherwise been.