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This section provides unwed mothers and single mothers in Singapore information on finding shelter for mother and baby. Includes finding a HDB flat as well as grants and subsidies.
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Finding a roof over your head can be an immediate concern for both you and your child. While social workers we have spoken to usually recommend staying with family members first, we understand that sometimes that might not be the ideal solution.


Here’s the information you need to find a suitable shelter for you and your child.


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Finding the right accommodation


BTO flats


BTO (Build-To-Order) flats are newly built flats by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). These flats are usually cheaper than resale flats with for the same number of rooms in the same estate (i.e.: mature or non-mature estates).


In order to be eligible for a new 99-year 2-room flexi flat in a non-mature estate under the Single Singapore Citizens Scheme, which is what HDB offers to Singles applying alone, you have to be 35 and above and your monthly income has to be less than 6K. 


If you prefer to stay in a flat with more rooms or in a mature estate, you can either buy a resale flat or buy an Executive Condominium (EC) under the Joint Singles Scheme. The Joint Singles Scheme allows 2 or more single persons to purchase larger resale flats or ECs.


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Resale flats


The option of buying a resale flat (or buying from the open market) provides the most flexibility in terms of price, location, apartment types and eligibility. Similar to buying a BTO, you need to be 35 and above to purchase a resale flat. Resale flats are usually more expensive than BTOs because of the Cash-Over-Valuation (COV). In basic terms, the COV is a cash value that you have to pay upfront to the previous owner of the flat because the flat is valued above HDB’s recommended selling price. This might pose a challenge if you do not have enough cash on hand to spare.


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Rental flats


Rental flat is an option if you’re looking for a temporary place to stay or do not have enough money to purchase a flat. You can either rent a flat from a tenant (ie: from the Open Market) or from HDB under the Public Rental Scheme. However, take note that to rent under the Public Rental Scheme, you need find another single tenant to stay with. Both of you need to be at least 35 years old and your total household gross income must not exceed 1.5K per month. Flats under the Public Rental Scheme are typically 1 or 2 room flats.


If you’re looking for a bigger flat, renting from the Open Market is your only choice. However, they tend to be a lot more expensive as the government heavily subsidises rental flats under the Public Rental Scheme.




If you absolutely cannot find an accommodation (including at your family’s & friends’), the final option would be to stay in a shelter. There are dedicated centres such as Dayspring New Life Centre which provides residential services for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Alongside a place to stay, these shelters also provide infant care as well as other support services (counselling, parenting training, etc). You can also try other non-dedicated shelters such as Star Shelter, Good Shepherd CentreCasa Raudha, and Pertapis.


As shelter spaces are usually reserved for those who are really in need, only apply to one if you have exhausted all means to find an accommodation or face life-threatening dangers (eg: domestic violence) at home. 

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Grants & Subsidies


The Central Provident Fund (CPF) provides quite a number of subsidies that you can apply for when you’re purchasing your flat. However, to qualify for subsidies you need to be:

    1. Single Singapore citizen
    2. 35 years old and above

Additional Housing Grant (BTO/Resale)


What is it: The Additional Housing Grant (AHG) is a 2.5K – 20K subsidy for Singles belonging to the lower-income group buying a BTO or Resale flat. Subsidy amount is higher for lower income tier.


To be eligible:

  1. Average gross monthly household income has to be 2.5K or less.
  2. Must be in continuous employment for the past 12 months and still employed during point of flat application


How to apply: Obtain and submit the relevant forms to HDB.

Special Housing Grant (BTO only)


What is it: Similar to the AHG, the Special Housing Grant (SHG) provides a 2.5K to 20K subsidy for BTO flat buyers who do not qualify for the AHG due to income ceiling. For those in lower-income group, this grant can be applied on top of the AHG.


To be eligible:

  1. Must be in continuous employment for the past 12 months and still employed during point of flat application
  2. Must not earn more than the income ceiling dictated by HDB for the sales launch.


How to apply: Obtain and submit the relevant forms to HDB.

Single Grant (Resale only)


What is it: The Single Grant is a 15K subsidy for any Single person buying a Resale flat.


To be eligible:

  1. Average gross monthly income must be 6K or lower (for application under Singles Scheme)
  2. First time flat buyer


How to apply: Download the application form and submit to HDB.

Proximity Housing Grant (Resale only)


What is it: The Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) is a 10K subsidy for any Single person staying in a Resale flat with his/her parent(s).


To be eligible:

  1. Applying for the PHG for the first time
  2. Staying with at least one of your parents (Singapore citizen or PR)


How to apply: Download the application form and submit to HDB during your flat booking appointment.

Step-Up CPF Housing Grant (Second-time flat buyers only)


What is it: The Step-Up CPF Housing Grant is a 15K subsidy for low-income second time flat buyers looking to upgrade from a 2-room subsidised flat to a 3-room subsidised flat.


To be eligible:

  1. Second time flat buyer
  2. Must be in continuous employment for the past 12 months and still employed during point of flat application
  3. Gross average monthly household income must be 5K or lower
  4. Remaining lease on current flat needs to be at least 30 years


How to apply: If eligible, you will be given the application form for the Step-Up CPF Grant during the flat booking appointment for your new 3-room flat in a non-mature estate. Bring along all relevant income document proof.