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This section provides unwed mothers and single mothers in Singapore information on getting employment. Includes job search, job matching and job training.
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One big question you may often think of is: How will I provide for my child?


Juggling between work and caring for your child may be tough, but with the right information and a persevering mindset, things can and will get better.


Here’s what you can look out for when you’re finding a job or planning your career.


Finding a Job

Training Programs:


Getting trained is important in finding your job and keeping it. Skills upgrading can also help in your career growth. If you are looking for subsidised jobs training and career guidance, you can take a look at CDAC Workfare Programme (only for Chinese). To be eligible, your monthly gross household income must be less than $2,100 or per capita income less than $700.


If you are between 16-21 years old, and you are currently not in education, employment or training, you can apply for programmes like career guidance and apprenticeship under YEAH! Sg.


Another programme is NTUC WDS: Back2Work With U Programme, which focuses on skills upgrading for better job and income stability.

Job Search and Matching:


Apart from full-time work, you can also consider flexiwork (work with flexible timing) and part-time jobs.


If you wish to use online portals to find a job, Career Mums SG and Mums @ Work SG are for mothers seeking information on freelance, part-time and flexiwork.


Other than training programmes, CDAC also provides job matching services if you are retrenched or unemployed. Do note that these services are mainly for the low-income and low-skilled.


YEAH! Sg also provides job listings mainly for F&B and Retail if you are between 16-21 years old.


For recruitment events like job fairs and recruitment drives, you can check out NTUC WDS: Back2Work With U Programme.



Other sources of job information include Single Parent Support Group (ad hoc job listings) and SCWO IT Hub (IT courses).

“Women and young girl in kitchen with laptop and paperwork smiling” by GSCSNJ is licensed under CC BY 2.0



When looking for employment, you may have many worries and uncertainties surrounding the job.

Here is a list of companies that are more open and willing to train and hire those in need:


Cha Cha Cottage : Home based work of making soaps and candles

The Nail Social: Professional Manicurist Vocational Training

The Singapore Shawl : Producing/selling specially-designed shawls

Mother and Child Project : Designing and sewing unique products

Bettr Barista : 6-month subsidised course and paid training in specialty coffee

Mums Massage : Training to be certified postnatal massage therapists

WEworkz (Women Enterprise Workz) : Sewing work and business opportunities

Getting Ready for Work
Source: Pixabay

Dressing well for your interview or your first day of work is important. Not only does it show how professional you are, it also gives you that extra bit of confidence. If you are looking for a nice outfit to make a good first impression, you might want to check out Dress for Success® SingaporeThis non-profit organisation will help you choose the appropriate clothes, as well as coach you on getting ready for the interview. To be eligible for this free service, you will need to get a referral from a non-profit organisation or a community group.

Dress for Success® Singapore is managed by Image Mission Ltd, a registered charity. For more information, please visit www.imagemission.org .


Another organisation you can check out is Daughters of Tomorrow . Registered as a charity under the Charities Act of Singapore, Daughters of Tomorrow runs programmes that support women in their journey towards financial self sufficiency. One such programme is the  Confidence Curriculum, a preparatory course, which includes modules like personal discovery, soft skills and communications, coaching and professional development.