Hey Solo Sister | Stories from Single Mothers & Unwed Mothers | Heysolosister.com
Find out how other unwed mothers and single mothers in Singapore recovered from the grief and hurt they experienced. Includes advice and contacts for counselling services.
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Chapter 5: Begin Again

Every solo sisters’ story is different and every story has its hurts. Allow yourself to acknowledge the hurts you’ve felt, to cry over the people who have wronged you. Allow yourself to grieve over crushed dreams and altered plans. And through all of that, allow yourself to heal, to get better, and to move on.

The Mighty Pen: Katherine

Source: Artidote | Illustration: Lili Racz

Katherine’s break-up got her down for some time. But instead of keeping the hurt in, she turned to writing. Through writing, she found herself being able to better communicate with those around her. Her writing has also allowed her to learn more about herself, enabling her to better take care of herself and her son.


She also believes that good people bring good vibes and one should surround themselves with people whom they can talk to to relieve themselves of the burdens they might bear.

Recognition Is The First Step: Cindy

Source: Artidote | Artwork: iamnotsadatall

Growing up in a broken family and difficult childhood, Cindy constantly battles with the memories of the past and struggles with drawing the line between then and now. She was only 16 when she went for her first abortion. Initially, she felt fine. But now, as she raises a young boy with her newly-wed husband, she can’t help but wonder what would’ve become of the baby had she kept it. To her, the ‘what if’ is emotional torture and till now, she has been unable to shake the feeling of guilt.


The biggest thing that keeps her going is her son. He gives her hope, he gives her purpose and she’s trying hard to let go of the past in order to give him a happier, better life. “To allow the wound to heal,” she says, “you must first recognise that it is there. And time will heal it.”

Time Heals All: Jean

Source: Artidote | Illustration: Madison Wagner

Since her son was born, Jean has never contacted the son’s father – not for a chat, not for help. Never. The lack of closure was something that nagged at Jean but she admits that, with time, she has moved on. Even though the thought of contacting him (be it for financial or emotional support) has crossed her mind, she has decided against it as she thinks it would be unfair to him. 4 years ago, she decided to go her own way and she’s determined to stick to her decision. She doesn’t think much about it anymore. “Time heals everything, so I have moved on.”

For someone to talk to:

DaySpring New Life Centre 

+65 6463 0182


234 Turf Club Road S(287984)

Family Life Society, Pregnancy Crisis Service

+65 6339 9770

7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh #04-01
Agape Village, Singapore 319264

Babes  (For teenagers only)

(SMS) +65 8111 3535

(Call) 1800-TEENMOM / 1800 8336666


26 Jalan Klinik #01-42/52 S(160026)